What can spiders do?

A1 Elementary Level

In this lesson, we practice the grammatical structure of the modal verb “can”: can + root verb and cannot + root verb.

Learners are asked to share what they know about animals and what they can and cannot do, watch a video with a surprise story about a little jumping spider named Lucas, and are quizzed at the end about the ability of birds.

Remember! The questions are:

  1. What is Lucas doing?
  2. What can he do?
  3. What happens when the bell rings?
  4. What does Lucas want to catch?


  1. He is making a spider web. He is cutting a string for the web.
  2. Lucas can make a web.
  3. He knows he caught something.
  4. He wants a new friend.

A little note:

We took our jar with Fred the Spider outside and set Fred free! We think he might come back inside to live with us again or maybe he will have lots of new adventures!

And here’s a little bit more about jumping spiders!


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