What’s it like to be a fly?

A1 Elementary What is life like for a fly? We take time in this lesson to talk about flies and read a really fun story called The Fly by Petr Horacek. Get your fly swatters ready and let’s learn more about this often misunderstood and underappreciated creature. Special thanks to the author, Petr Horacek, forContinue reading “What’s it like to be a fly?”


Sharing with our friends is the best!

A1 Elementary In this lesson, we talk about how nice it is to and in which ways we can share with others by reading Olivier Dunrea’s Gossie published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Gossie is a little gosling who one day loses her favorite bright red boots but ends up with a new friend! We alsoContinue reading “Sharing with our friends is the best!”

“Boom Chicka Boom!”

A1 Elementary English This aim of this lesson is to tune learners’ ears to rhyming pairs and practice pronunciation and rhythm. By learning the chant, children can build their vocabulary and get early speaking practice in a fun and meaningful context. Chants like this are also beneficial in building motivation and confidence in speaking, makingContinue reading ““Boom Chicka Boom!””

Five Little Monkeys

A1 Young Learners This is a fun way to get little ones speaking and to give them a meaningful context to a cute story about five little monkeys jumping on the bed. It is best for little ones to watch the first two videos, then make their monkeys following the steps below and finally, watchContinue reading “Five Little Monkeys”

It’s Halloween!

A1 Elementary It’s Halloween! In this lesson that celebrates the spirit of Halloween, we review vocabulary for Halloween and talk about what ghosts do. Ghosts scare people, ghosts float around and say “Boo!”. But, what happens when a ghost is little and no one seems to pay attention to him? We’ll talk about it andContinue reading “It’s Halloween!”

Can you eat the moon?

A1 Elementary In this video lesson, we play with the idea of perspective and the vocabulary found in Petr Horacek’s The Mouse Who Ate the Moon published by Walker Books. Learners are invited to play with the way that they look at things and hear the story of Little Mouse and what happens when sheContinue reading “Can you eat the moon?”

“Run, Baby, Run”

Connecting listening to physical movement is one of the easiest ways to see what your child understands and lets them make a meaningful connection to the language they are hearing. It’s also essential that it’s fun and opens up even the shyest little one. The video below introduces seven verbs that are in the song,Continue reading ““Run, Baby, Run””