Moles Dig Holes!

A1 Elementary In this lesson, we talk about a really interesting animal, the mole! We build on to our vocabulary from previous lessons while talking about some cool facts about this creature. There is also a really cute mole craft at the end that you can make with some paper, a paper cup, a strawContinue reading “Moles Dig Holes!”


Googly Eye Fun!

A1 Elementary In this video lesson, we practice adding the plural “s” to nouns, build onto our vocabulary and then play with googly eyes. What do googly eyes do? The make things come alive, of course! **Just a little note: I would recommend that learners watch all of the videos with captions on. Also, itContinue reading “Googly Eye Fun!”

It’s Halloween!

A1 Elementary It’s Halloween! In this lesson that celebrates the spirit of Halloween, we review vocabulary for Halloween and talk about what ghosts do. Ghosts scare people, ghosts float around and say “Boo!”. But, what happens when a ghost is little and no one seems to pay attention to him? We’ll talk about it andContinue reading “It’s Halloween!”