Please? Thank you!

A1 Elementary Asking politely for what you want is a skill that is important to learn from the very beginning. It is also important to learn how to say, “Thank you!”. In this lesson, we practice polite ways to ask for what you would like and watch a story about a certain pigeon who learnedContinue reading “Please? Thank you!”

The Amazing Solar System!

A1 Elementary In this lesson, we talk about the stars and planets in the Solar System. Do you know the order of the planets? Did you know that we can feel the sun and see its light so brightly because it is Earth’s closest star? Join us for a fun vocabulary lesson learning more aboutContinue reading “The Amazing Solar System!”

“It’s all good.” Let’s be cool like Pete the Cat!

A1 Elementary What do you do when something frustrating happens? Do you get mad? Do you cry? Or do you say, oh no, and keep going? We all know that sometimes we can make messes, mistakes or something can go wrong, but Pete the Cat teaches us to stay cool, keep going and remember thatContinue reading ““It’s all good.” Let’s be cool like Pete the Cat!”

What’s it like to be a fly?

A1 Elementary What is life like for a fly? We take time in this lesson to talk about flies and read a really fun story called The Fly by Petr Horacek. Get your fly swatters ready and let’s learn more about this often misunderstood and underappreciated creature. Special thanks to the author, Petr Horacek, forContinue reading “What’s it like to be a fly?”

Googly Eye Fun!

A1 Elementary In this video lesson, we practice adding the plural “s” to nouns, build onto our vocabulary and then play with googly eyes. What do googly eyes do? The make things come alive, of course! **Just a little note: I would recommend that learners watch all of the videos with captions on. Also, itContinue reading “Googly Eye Fun!”

“Boom Chicka Boom!”

A1 Elementary English This aim of this lesson is to tune learners’ ears to rhyming pairs and practice pronunciation and rhythm. By learning the chant, children can build their vocabulary and get early speaking practice in a fun and meaningful context. Chants like this are also beneficial in building motivation and confidence in speaking, makingContinue reading ““Boom Chicka Boom!””

It’s Halloween!

A1 Elementary It’s Halloween! In this lesson that celebrates the spirit of Halloween, we review vocabulary for Halloween and talk about what ghosts do. Ghosts scare people, ghosts float around and say “Boo!”. But, what happens when a ghost is little and no one seems to pay attention to him? We’ll talk about it andContinue reading “It’s Halloween!”

Can you eat the moon?

A1 Elementary In this video lesson, we play with the idea of perspective and the vocabulary found in Petr Horacek’s The Mouse Who Ate the Moon published by Walker Books. Learners are invited to play with the way that they look at things and hear the story of Little Mouse and what happens when sheContinue reading “Can you eat the moon?”

Alphabet Practice and Review

A1 Elementary Level This lesson reviews the alphabet and takes it a step further to help reinforce and build vocabulary. The aim of the lesson is to practice the alphabet orally and through listening and to make a meaningful connection between individual letters and vocabulary. By the end of the lesson, the learners will haveContinue reading “Alphabet Practice and Review”