Five Little Monkeys

A1 Young Learners This is a fun way to get little ones speaking and to give them a meaningful context to a cute story about five little monkeys jumping on the bed. It is best for little ones to watch the first two videos, then make their monkeys following the steps below and finally, watchContinue reading “Five Little Monkeys”

What can spiders do?

A1 Elementary Level In this lesson, we practice the grammatical structure of the modal verb “can”: can + root verb and cannot + root verb. Learners are asked to share what they know about animals and what they can and cannot do, watch a video with a surprise story about a little jumping spider namedContinue reading “What can spiders do?”

Alphabet Practice and Review

A1 Elementary Level This lesson reviews the alphabet and takes it a step further to help reinforce and build vocabulary. The aim of the lesson is to practice the alphabet orally and through listening and to make a meaningful connection between individual letters and vocabulary. By the end of the lesson, the learners will haveContinue reading “Alphabet Practice and Review”

“Run, Baby, Run”

Connecting listening to physical movement is one of the easiest ways to see what your child understands and lets them make a meaningful connection to the language they are hearing. It’s also essential that it’s fun and opens up even the shyest little one. The video below introduces seven verbs that are in the song,Continue reading ““Run, Baby, Run””